Hanrui Puzer Bulk Handling Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

About Us
Hanrui Puzer Bulk Handling Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd ( originally called Shanghai Hanrui Machine Engineering Co.,Website:http://www.hanrui-puzer.com,Ltd) established in 2002, is a science and technical company of designing, manufacturing, sales and services. Our products and services are extensively used in the trades of petroleum, chemical industries, chemical fiber, plastic resin, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, environmental protection, coal gasification, etc.In the past ten years, we have engaged in bulk solid materials handling system, provide designing, equipment and EPC services. We bring great benefits to users based on our mature technology and user's application experience. At present, Hanrui has more than 1700 domestic and international clients. The products are exported to many countries and regions, including: America, Egypt, Holland, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa, Russia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and so on. We have long-term cooperation with the famous domestic and international enterprise, engineering company, design institutes and universities on engineering designing and equipment manufacturing, achieved fixed win-win relations.
Products and services
Bag emptying systems?bag dump station?Tubular Conveyors?Screw Conveyor?Pneumatic Conveyor?Rotary Valve?Diverter Valve?Slide Valve?Dust collector?EyeWash shower